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ClearAccessIP bridges IP and business efforts so that you can tackle the important stuff.

The first automation company with a purpose-built solution to strategically manage IP portfolios.

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See why the best in the field choose ClearAccessIP

"What I really like about ClearAccessIP is the focus on automating so much of the manual entry required by other IP management systems. So that if you take that out of the equation you’re then freeing up your team members to focus on much higher value work..."

Wayne Sobon, VP of Intellectual Property, JUUL Labs

"The automation that’s involved in ClearAccessIP really lets me focus on more productive work for a client and from the client’s standpoint it’s why they really should be expecting the law firm will have a system like this. And certainly in a few years if the law firm doesn’t have this type of thing, they’re going to be at a huge disadvantage."

Steve Colby, Patent Attorney, Royse Law Firm

"We’re also excited about our continuing work ClearAccessIP. Their products and features have been really helpful to our businesses and I’m always very impressed with their customer service (I’ve even bragged about it to other colleagues). As we discussed, I’m really in love with the AI-based features that allow the system to think separate from its rule-based functionality. We use the current features but know that we’re just seeing the beginning of some really cool offerings that will likely re-cast the professional IP research industry. I brag about these features too."

Josh Dobrowitsky, Strong Force Intellectual Capital

"One of the major benefits of the ClearAccessIP system is a reduction in the time it takes to manage your IP portfolio, and the time that it takes to actually populate the fields - because they do it automatically for you."

Jason Croft, Patent Attorney, Maschoff Brennan

"I’ve become very reliant on your software."

Nathan Evans, Woods & Rogers

"And the preparation, particularly in technology and intellectual property based licensing and transactions is usually where we really first started using ClearAccessIP. We really need to kind of get a landscape, and do as much legwork - not just on the potential target or the intellectual property technology, but also outside of ClearAccessIP, what’s the market - just to kind of get a better picture to say, if we’re going to approach somebody for licensing, they not only have something that fits your client’s needs but also that it makes good business sense so you have an idea of what you want to do."

Lacy Kolo, Director of Tech and IP advisory, Houlihan Lokey

"My fear of what the process was going to be like, the difficulty, was totally unfounded. It was as frictionless as I could imagine. Switching over to the ClearAccess system is as easy as pie. What ten years ago a docking system would have charged more than ten thousand dollars for ClearAccess can now do in a quick demo."

Steve Colby, Patent Attorney, Royse Law Firm

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